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  TrailPhotos - Frequently Asked Questions

What are TrailPhotos?

TrailPhotos are a series of photographs, maps, and information about various outdoor natural areas in the western United States.  These TrailPhotos products are offered in digital formats by the firm MapSnaps.  The first TrailPhotos are focused on portions of northern California and Nevada.

What Products are Offered?

The initial offerings from TrailPhotos are three separate products:  TrailPhoto Guides, TrailPhoto Scenes, and TrailPhoto Vignettes.  

TrailPhoto Guides are detailed descriptions of trail routes with area maps, topographic maps with highlighted trails, and color photographs.  These have trail descriptions similar to those found in many guidebooks, but have the added features of color photo highlights of scenes along the trails, and matching color maps to show the trail routes and specific trail photo locations.  These are offered as a series of trail guides for different geographic regions, available for acquisition at

You can also view a free, complete TrailPhoto Guide Sample at This sample includes a Guide to the Eagle Lake Trail in the Lake Tahoe Region.

Regions for which TrailPhoto Guides are currently available are the:

* Lake Tahoe Region

* Highway 88 to north Yosemite Region

* East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay Area

To see the best versions of the sample photographs from the TrailPhoto Guides on this website, view them in Extra Large size for a selected sample of the photos, linked from thumbnail photos in the TrailPhoto Gallery.


TrailPhoto Scenes include the same directions to trailheads and maps as the TrailPhoto Guides, but instead of detailed trail descriptions, they include full-page size TrailPhotos in framed black background for each of the TrailPhotos in the Guides. These are meant as a companion to the TrailPhoto Guides, for those who prefer larger size, better resolution images of the TrailPhotos.  They are also available with a full free sample, and for acquisition, at


TrailPhoto Vignettes  are short descriptive sketches of particularly scenic and interesting areas within the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.  A large size landscape photograph is included with regional and close-up maps of the areas, and information about the photograph and other local features.  These areas are generally not in the well known National Park areas, but have been chosen because they are lesser known and typically somewhat off the main tourist path.  These Vignettes are available at as well.

How do I acquire the TrailPhoto Guides, TrailPhoto Scenes and TrailPhoto Vignettes?

TrailPhotos files can be obtained through the "Books" Travel category at the online document service  Lists of the TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes in development for each region, and those currently completed and available, can be reached through the Quick Links at the top of the TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes Regions section of

TrailPhoto Vignettes are now available on also.

How do I adjust my computer if the colors and sharpness of the graphics on the TrailPhotos website do not seem correct?

The website is optimized when you use it with a higher resolution and a richer color palette on your monitor.  Information about these settings is included in the Website User notes section of this website.

When will additional TrailPhoto Guides and other TrailPhoto products be available from this website?

Additional TrailPhoto products will be offered in the coming months and years, in addition to the ones already available.  Please check back from time to time for updates.  A detailed description of these products can be found at this Types of TrailPhotos link.

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