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  TrailPhotos - How to Acquire     

Three types of TrailPhotos are available to preview and purchase:

1. TrailPhoto Guides - Available as trail guides that are viewable and printable at Each TrailPhoto Guide has preview pages, and the full version can be acquired at Scribd for $1.50.

Purchasing TrailPhoto Guides (and viewing a Free Sample File)

Completed TrailPhoto Guides are available in the "Books" Travel category, and in this linked section on the website.

Summary information about the individual TrailPhoto Guides is shown in the links below, with those now available marked separately within these linked pages:

Lake Tahoe Region - TrailPhoto Guides Trails

Hwy. 88 to N. Yosemite Region - TrailPhoto Guides Trails

East Bay Region - TrailPhoto Guides Trails


View a free, complete TrailPhoto Guide Sample at


2. TrailPhoto Scenes - Available as TrailPhotos that are viewable online at  Each TrailPhoto Scenes trail has free preview pages.  The full completed version includes maps, directions to the trailheads, and larger, better resolution photos of the trails showcased against a full page black background. These can also be acquired at Scribd for $1.50 per trail.  

There is also a free, complete TrailPhoto Scenes sample at this link on:


3. TrailPhoto Vignettes - Also available as digital files of northern California natural areas to preview, or to acquire, view, and print for $2.00 each through

More information on the Vignettes is found on the TrailPhoto Vignettes Samples page. In brief:

The TrailPhoto Vignettes files each include 2 natural areas in northern California, in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe and in the eastern Sierra mountains.

The 2 Vignette files now available are :

  1. Donner Lake, off Interstate 80, plus Faith Valley, off Highway 88 (Tahoe area);

  2. Sinnamon Valley, off Highway 395, plus Wrights Lake, off Highway 50 (eastern Sierra area and Tahoe area).

Each of the Vignette locations includes :

  • A landscape photograph digital file that can be viewed on your computer monitor and printed out from your computer.  The printed photograph will cover an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, with a 1/2" - 1" border.

  • A set of maps showing the Vignette location, and a terrain map depiction of the area, including a description of the area and directions to the site. 

  • A topographic map file close-up of the area where the photograph was taken, showing its specific location, the direction of the photograph view, and overview information on nearby trails and campgrounds.

The TrailPhoto Guides, TrailPhoto Scenes, and TrailPhoto Vignettes allow you to use the photos, maps, and information in these files for your personal, non-commercial  use.

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