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  TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes - East Bay Region Overview  


Photos: East Bay TrailPhoto Guide Trails



                  Rumpled, golden green hills roll to infinity at Mission Peak Regional Preserve

The East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay Area contains many parks, reservoirs, and wilderness expanses with hundreds of miles of trails.  East Bay open spaces are blanketed with heavier woods and cooler climes in the west side hills just above Berkeley and Oakland down through Fremont.  Open expanses of rolling hills and oak trees dominate the terrain east of the Berkeley/Oakland hills.


The East Bay Region of the TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes extends throughout the entire counties of Alameda and Contra Costa, to the east of San Francisco.  The maps shown below indicate the general location of trails covered in this section of TrailPhotos.  Each of the highlighted park districts and other park areas shown on the detailed map that follows have links to further information on websites provided by their land management organizations.


                                    East Bay Region Terrain Map                        California Location of Terrain Map



East Bay Region TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes locations (Arrows on these maps show approximate location and viewing direction of the  photo at the top of this page, in the East Bay Regional Park District).


   East Bay Region TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes Descriptions

This TrailPhotos website has a thumbnail photo index and descriptions of thirty-one East Bay Region trails.  Descriptions of these TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes are available along with purchase information from this Photos: East Bay TrailPhoto Guide Trails link for the trails listed below.  These include descriptions of fifteen of the EBRPD park areas, three EBMUD areas, Mt. Diablo State Park, and two open space areas maintained by city departments.  This does not encompass all the main parks of the East Bay, but does cover several areas that have major trail mileage.

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is the primary open space agency in this area, though Mt. Diablo State Park is the single most dominant park.

There are other trails as well, in the watershed lands of the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Shell Ridge open space in Walnut Creek, and Lime Ridge open space in Walnut Creek and Concord.  Miles of open country and forest covered trails await the adventurous.

These lands are open to all, and most can be visited free of charge.  There is a small entrance fee at Mt. Diablo State Park parking areas, and the EBMUD lands require that a trail permit be obtained ahead of time, also for a minor fee.  A few of the EBRPD lands have parking fees, though many trailheads do not.

East Bay Region open space descriptions and external links to the parks and trails covered in the East Bay TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes are shown below, matched to the the corresponding numbers on map above:

Note: Park links underlined below connect to information about them at external websites, in a new browser window.

East Bay Regional Park District Area


  Wildcat Canyon Park                                       Dry Creek Pioneer / Garin Parks 

  1)   Boas - San Pablo Ridge Trail                    6)  High Ridge Trail

  Tilden Park                                                         7)  Vista Peak Loop Trail 

  2)  Quarry - Seaview Trail                               Mission Peak Preserve

  Sibley Volcanic Preserve                                 8)  Hidden Valley - Eagle Trail

  3)  Round Top Loop - Volcanic Trail               Sunol / Ohlone Wilderness

  Roberts / Redwood Park                                  9)  Indian Joe - Grande Vista Trail  

  4)  Graham - West Ridge Trail                       10)  McCorkle Trail    

  Anthony Chabot Park                                       Pleasanton Ridge Park

  5)  Grass Valley - Goldenrod Trail                 11)  Thermalito - Ridgeline Trail



  Las Trampas / Little Hills Wilderness             Black Diamond Mines Preserve

 12)  Elderberry - Upper Ridge Trail                 17)  Clayton - Black Diamond Trail

 13)  Las Trampas Ridge Trail                            18)  Stewartville - Ridge Trail

  Briones Park                                                         Round Valley Preserve

 14)  Lafayette Ridge Trail                                  19)  Miwok Trail  

 15)  Briones Crest Trail                                       Morgan Territory Preserve

 16)  Old Briones Road Trail                                20)  Blue Oak - Valley View Trail

  Castle Rock /Diablo Foothills Park                  21)  Highland Ridge Trail

  See Trail # 29 - Also joins with 

   Shell Ridge Park


Mt.  Diablo  State  Park Area (In Contra Costa County)

  22)  Finley Road Trail                                         24)  Black Hawk Ridge Trail

  23)  BBQ Terrace Road                                      25)  Diablo Falls Trail


East  Bay  Municipal  Utility  District Area (In Alameda and Contra Costa Counties)

  26)  Ramage Peak Trail                                     28)  Briones Reservoir Trail

  27)  San Leandro Reservoir Trail


Other East Bay Park Areas (In Contra Costa County)

 Shell Ridge

  29)  Costanoan Trail                                           30)  Kovar - Ridge Top Trail

  Lime Ridge

  31)  Quarry Trail

TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes for this Region:

Photos: East Bay TrailPhoto Guide Trails

Some great external links for exploring East Bay natural areas and trails:

Bay Nature  The premier website & magazine for San Francisco Bay Area natural areas

Transit & Trails  A great website allowing you to plan your trips to Bay Area trails via public transit

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