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  TrailPhotos - TrailPhoto File Types     

Several TrailPhotos digital files are currently available and many others are in preparation.  These TrailPhoto files are photographs and descriptions of trails and natural areas, combined with their map locations and local vicinity information. contains an overview section that describes the TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes Regions and lists of the TrailPhoto Guide and TrailPhoto Scenes trails with thumbnail photos, plus another section that covers the TrailPhoto Vignettes.

These are further divided geographically, to focus on each of the regions in which the trails and parklands are found.  To see an overview of the links to all major sections of both the TrailPhoto Guides/TrailPhoto Scenes and the TrailPhoto Vignettes, see the TrailPhotos Index.

1. TrailPhoto Guides, some of which are completed and available and others which are now in development, provide more extensive photographic guides to various mountain and natural area trails.  TrailPhoto Guides are detailed descriptions of trail routes with area maps, topographic maps with highlighted trails and photo locations, and color photographs.  These have trail descriptions similar to those found in many guidebooks, but have the added features of color photo highlights of scenes along the trails, and matching color maps to show the trail routes and trails' photo locations.

The TrailPhoto Guides cover the northern California area and a small section of northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe, and the eastern Sierra mountain range, plus trails in the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Regional Overview information about each of these areas is found at these pages: 

  *  Lake Tahoe Region

  Highway 88 to N. boundary of Yosemite National Park Region

  *  East Bay Region

You can find more detailed information on the Parks & Trails contents of the TrailPhoto Guides (and TrailPhoto Scenes), price information, and an example file from the TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes Regions page.  To go directly to a photo snapshot of each of the trails included in the TrailPhoto Guides and their general location on a map, start at the Quick Links on top of that page and click on the links to "Photos:" for Lake Tahoe, Highway 88 to N. Yosemite, or East Bay TrailPhoto Guides Trails.  Or click the links under "Trails :" on the left side navigation bar of this website.

1. TrailPhoto Scenes, a few of which are now completed and available and others which are now in development, focus on the photographs taken along the trail as their main emphasis.  The TrailPhoto Scenes contain the same maps as their corresponding TrailPhoto Guides, but offer full sized photos showcased against black page backgrounds instead of the smaller photos embedded in the trail description pages as displayed in the Guides. The TrailPhoto Scenes files are meant for those who prefer to view larger size photos, at better resolution, as a way to explore these trails.

A new section - the TrailPhoto Gallery - displays photos from a sample of selected TrailPhoto Guides in Extra Large size, which is the best way to see them within this website!

Completed TrailPhoto Guides and TrailPhoto Scenes are available from MapSnaps at

3. TrailPhoto Vignettes  contain photographs and maps showing these Vignette photo locations, including landscape photograph and information on the nearby areas.  Some of these will be in the same general locations as the TrailPhoto Guides, but the content does not overlap in its coverage.

Information provided includes a site location overview, maps and directions on getting to the site of the photograph, a topographic map that shows the specific site of the photograph and labels of nearby trails and campgrounds, plus some website links for further information.  

The Vignettes that are now available are in the northern California area near Lake Tahoe and the eastern Sierra mountain range (Two Vignettes per file):   

  1. Donner Lake, off Interstate 80, plus Faith Valley, off Highway 88 (Tahoe area);

  2. Sinnamon Valley, off Highway 395 near Virginia Lakes (eastern Sierra area), plus Wrights Lake, off Highway 50 (Tahoe area).

You can find more detailed information on the contents of these Vignettes, and price information, and a few examples on the TrailPhoto Vignettes Samples page.  

Or, review information about How to Acquire these files.

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