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  East Bay TrailPhoto Guides - Oursan Trail   


  Briones Reservoir is completely encircled by trails - Oursan Trail here on the north

  East Bay Municipal Utility District

  (Also see this photo at: Flickr)

 * Oursan Trail/Briones Reservoir N.E.  This TrailPhoto Guide is now available

 * Roundtrip trail distance = 9.3 miles.     Difficulty = Easy.     Scenic value = 9 / 10.

 * Guide contains 10 color photos, plus maps.  Acquire this Guide at


Somewhat of a secret less known to the masses, Briones Reservoir is one of the more attractive lakeside trails in the Bay Area.  Because it requires a permit from the East Bay Municipal Utility District to access this trail, there are generally fewer people here than at other locations that require no permit. But the trail curves along the water, occasionally peeling away into mildly sloped, oak lined paths up above the lakeside.  This portion of the trail offers but a sample of the Briones Reservoir experience - trails ring the entire circumference of the lake, in varying terrain, making it ripe for multiple excursions on return trips.


Approximate Location of TrailPhoto above, on Oursan Trail:







                          A Few More Photo Samples from this Trail:


    Wooded paths above the reservoir provide variety along with the waterfront trail




          Brilliant sunset clouds above the hills near the end of this TrailPhoto Guide trip


To preview or acquire this TrailPhoto Guide, complete with all the color photos and their mapped locations, area and topo maps, directions, and the trail guide text, please visit  (This TrailPhoto Guide is now available at the Scribd website to preview, or acquire for $1.50).

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