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  East Bay TrailPhoto Guides - BBQ Terrace Road Trail   


  Nearing the upper reaches of BBQ Trail, Mt. Diablo foothills show late Spring color

  Mt. Diablo State Park

  (Also see this photo at: Flickr)

 * BBQ Terrace Road TrailThis TrailPhoto Guide is now available

 * Roundtrip trail distance = 7.8 miles.     Difficulty = Moderate.     Scenic value = 8 / 10.

 * Guide contains 10 color photos, plus maps.  Acquire this Guide at


The BBQ Terrace trail takes you through tree-lined, shaded streamside trails, and over the open rolling hills dotted with large oak trees that so typically characterize central Contra Costa County parklands and Mt. Diablo State Park.  Much of the trail weaves along via level to moderate slopes, until the final climb over grassy hillsides up the slopes of Mt. Diablo - which is steep, but a small portion of the overall trail.  From the final ascent, extensive views of the valleys and towns spreading out around Mt. Diablo expand as you climb.  This trip offers more solitude than many portions of the park that originate from more heavily used entrances, and for a fair portion, includes the quiet calm of a riparian path.


Approximate Location of TrailPhoto above, on BBQ Terrace Trail:







                          A Few More Photo Samples from this Trail:


     The trail begins across wide ranges of rolling hillsides, gradually easing upwards




     Mt. Diablo contains many thick forest passages along with its vast open hillsides


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