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  TrailPhoto Vignettes - Map Pages Samples     

The first two sets of digital TrailPhoto Vignettes are now available.  The files include 2 natural areas each, in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe in northern California and in the eastern Sierra mountains.  Samples of the Vignette maps and information pages are shown below.  Each Vignette has the two map and information pages similar to the examples below, in addition to the photographs shown in reduced size on the main TrailPhoto Vignettes Photograph Samples page (opens in new browser window).

These Vignette map page samples below are reduced in size both horizontally and vertically (and the sample text is not meant to be readable for display on this page) -- the actual files fill up an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet each when displayed or printed at full size.  The example here is just meant to give an idea of the components of the full TrailPhoto Vignettes.

                       Sample Area map file for Donner Lake TrailPhoto Vignette


This example page above includes a map of California indicating the general location of the detailed map in its upper left corner.  The detailed map has an arrow that marks the location of the photo for that Vignette.  The map also highlights surrounding roads, cities, and natural features, and shows the location of the topo map displayed in the next sample page (below).  The terrain map in the upper right hand corner of this example page gives a visual sense of the mountainous terrain in the vicinity of the TrailPhoto Vignette.  The text below the maps provides other information about the area near the photo, and directions for getting there.

                       Sample Topo map file for Donner Lake TrailPhoto Vignette


This page for each Vignette includes a topographic map of the area nearby the TrailPhoto Vignette location.  The topo map has an arrow that marks the location and direction of the photo taken for that Vignette.  It also highlights several nearby trails and campgrounds on the topo map and vicinity.  The text below the maps provides other information including the names of the marked trails and campgrounds, and a few internet links to use for further information about this area and its features.

The actual files are larger than those shown here, and will appear sharper and readable at full size when viewed on the website.  Also, the color balance may vary on these samples from browser to browser (the files were created in and are best viewed using Windows sRGB color space profile).  The examples here just give a quick idea of these map file  views, but are small, lower quality versions of the actual files.

How Order TrailPhoto Vignettes

TrailPhoto Vignettes are available from the website, which provides a service allowing you to acquire these files from a secure site.  Each file contains color photographs and map views of two separate Vignette areas, including a full size landscape photograph and information on the nearby areas.  The Vignette files are available for $2.00, and allow you to use the photographs, maps, and information in these files for your personal, non-commercial  use on your computer, and as printouts.  

How To Order :  

For further information about ordering, see How to Acquire.

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